TSC: You recently settled in North Carolina, in the hills, with a chicken coup, cats, dogs, you name it. How has that transition been from living in Seattle?

JM: I wouldn’t say we transitioned from Seattle since we haven’t lived there for 3yrs. The transition from Seattle to nomad/trailer life was a thing, and the transition from nomad/trailer life to rural Appalachia is still a thing. We are nowhere near settled and are “in the middle” of the road still, and miss a lot about trailer life. I do like the extra space, solitude, and the beauty of this mountain life but this area is very poor and struggle, and sadness is near every surface.


TSC: What would your reality TV show be called?

JM: Nothing says hello like a trash fire.


TSC: Do you worry about the....?

JM: ….sustainability of bike part hoarding? Absolutely not.