TSC: Where are you two at the moment? In the ever changing world of cyclo-world-touring, what’s on the calendar for the most powerful couple in the bike biz?

RR: We are out in California right now; been here for about a month or so in various locations with sunny forecasts. Sometimes it rains on us, but never tooooo much. We have been touring in a secret van with our very short film “California Golde”, showing it at bike shops, bars, and backyards before we release it on the Radavist in a few months. The next few months have us showing the film in a few other spots and going home to Connecticut for a month. Looks like Idaho and Montana for July/August.


TSC: Over the last few years you both have developed a wide range or projects and products that have helped shape the way people think about and ride bikes. As a handbag mogul (Ronnie), skincare specialist (Namz), and now film producers (California Golde), can you tell us a bit about what’s next for you both?

RR: My most exciting upcoming project is launching a tire company with my olde friend Patrick @ultratradition. We are riding prototypes now, and I’ve been able to outfit the Brooks/CRUST gravel team I’m managing for the upcoming bore fest, Dirty Kanza 200.


TSC: If you had one….?

RR: ...Bike: My 650b Sam Hillborne! First curated bike purchase with no race pedigree for me–aka my first ever practical bike purchase. I'll always love that bike, and it can really do most anything that's not sponsored by Red Bull. 650bx48 is such a versatile tire choice, especially for events sponsored by kombucha companies.